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New on the ImagineFX YouTube site – the audio video tutorial for our classic fantasy art cover for issue 96:

John Stanko adapts Frank Frazetta's art techniques, with the help of his model, for stunning, cover-quality results.
With Magic the Gathering turning 20 this year, we've spoken to some of the extraordinary artists that helped the traditional RPG scene become so compelling and immersive.

From tabletop giants to innovative online card game companies, we find out how the likes of Jason Chan, Brad Rigney and Aleksi Briclot continue to inspire creativity for artists and players alike.

Head to our store to order your copy today, and watch a preview over at Youtube.

Get your copy:

Watch the video preview:…
We're soon to reach our 100th issue. Jeez, where does the time go? If you want to help us celebrate and get in the magazine, simply tell us what has been your favourite cover, cover artist, feature or workshop, or favourite tip, advice, etc from the last seven and a bit years and you may find yourself in our celebration issue! Post below or email

Issue 100 is on sale 16 August.
Perhaps it's the summer air, but we're in the mood for creating strange creatures from distant shores...

As well as a litter of weird and wonderful creature workshops, we find out how some of the greatest creature artists take inspiration from dinosaur artists.

We're also launching our fourth Rising Stars competition. It's open NOW:

In preparation, we've also launched a completely free Rising Stars 2012 app. It's an in depth look at the plethora of amazing artists that entered last year – and did we mention that it's FREE?!

Head over to our YouTube for a video preview of the new issue:

Then get your claws into a copy today from our store today:
ImagineFX's new issue is a celebration of fantastic comic art. We're helping two giants of the comic world celebrate anniversaries, and gearing up for our very own!
With Marvel's X-Men marking 50 years of mutant fun, we've brought you an exclusive X-Men cover by Adi Granov, with his brilliant workshop inside.
Superman hits his 75th birthday this year too, and we speak to a raft of amazing Superman artists, old and new, about his enduring appeal.
And ImagineFX is getting ready for its 100th issue! To prepare for the watershed issue this August, we're running two votes to find out your favourite 100 artists, and your all time favourite ImagineFX cover. YOU CAN VOTE RIGHT NOW:
For more issue 97 goodness, go straight to our issue page here:

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